3 days reading up on weather tiles and I can't get mine to work

Hello guys,

I’m a Hubitat user for the past 3 years and I use Darksky net for my weather app and it works.
When I pull it into Sharptools all I see is what’s in the image and I’m not sure what the N/A would be, i’m assuming the weather icon?
After reading through some posts here and YouTubing, I went to smartthings and set up the weather app, and linked it, but it’s not showing any data.

I had this post typed up with the image in each section but because this is my 1st post it’s only allowing 1 image. so I put all the images in this pic below

@I_ecus_Wilson, yes the N/A is where the icon should be. Can you please take a screenshot of the device’s attribute values at Hubitat hub admin page -> devices and click on this weather device? Would be interested to see what icon it is reporting in the device.

Meanwhile, @josh had previously simplified the Dark Sky’s driver that you may want to give it a try.

I’m having same issue.

Attributes are:
…and these:

The built-in Hubitat OpenWeatherMap driver doesn’t report the required weatherIcon attribute.

I’ll take a look and see if we can update the SharpTools Weather Tile to map the OpenWeatherMap icon format though since it’s built-in to the hub now…


If you’re using Matthew’s Dark Sky driver, make sure to enable the switch for SharpTools in the preference as that makes sure the required attributes are reported.

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Thank you guys!

I updated the Darksky to the simplified and now it works


I have the same issue. Exactly which Driver are you using, I see a few from Mathew Scott. And will it work with WU or Davis Weatherlink? I have API keys.

I believe @I_ecus_Wilson is now using the Simplified Dark Sky driver which can be found here:

Simplified Dark Sky Hubitat Driver for SharpTools

And @JiiPee is using Hubitat’s built-in “OpenWeatherMap” driver. I’ve updated the Weather Tile to support the icon format from this built-in driver and should have the update in beta shortly.

What driver / device handler are you currently using?


Sorry I didn’t get the notification, but @josh is correct that I’m using the simplified drover now

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Support for the icon format from the built-in Hubitat OpenWeatherMap driver is now available in beta. If you’re not already part of the beta, feel free to PM @support to request access. :sunglasses: