3 days reading up on weather tiles and I can't get mine to work

Hello guys,

I’m a Hubitat user for the past 3 years and I use Darksky net for my weather app and it works.
When I pull it into Sharptools all I see is what’s in the image and I’m not sure what the N/A would be, i’m assuming the weather icon?
After reading through some posts here and YouTubing, I went to smartthings and set up the weather app, and linked it, but it’s not showing any data.

I had this post typed up with the image in each section but because this is my 1st post it’s only allowing 1 image. so I put all the images in this pic below

@I_ecus_Wilson, yes the N/A is where the icon should be. Can you please take a screenshot of the device’s attribute values at Hubitat hub admin page -> devices and click on this weather device? Would be interested to see what icon it is reporting in the device.

Meanwhile, @josh had previously simplified the Dark Sky’s driver that you may want to give it a try.

I’m having same issue.

Attributes are:
…and these:

The built-in Hubitat OpenWeatherMap driver doesn’t report the required weatherIcon attribute.

I’ll take a look and see if we can update the SharpTools Weather Tile to map the OpenWeatherMap icon format though since it’s built-in to the hub now…


If you’re using Matthew’s Dark Sky driver, make sure to enable the switch for SharpTools in the preference as that makes sure the required attributes are reported.


Thank you guys!

I updated the Darksky to the simplified and now it works


I have the same issue. Exactly which Driver are you using, I see a few from Mathew Scott. And will it work with WU or Davis Weatherlink? I have API keys.

I believe @I_ecus_Wilson is now using the Simplified Dark Sky driver which can be found here:

Simplified Dark Sky Hubitat Driver for SharpTools

And @JiiPee is using Hubitat’s built-in “OpenWeatherMap” driver. I’ve updated the Weather Tile to support the icon format from this built-in driver and should have the update in beta shortly.

What driver / device handler are you currently using?


Sorry I didn’t get the notification, but @josh is correct that I’m using the simplified drover now

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Support for the icon format from the built-in Hubitat OpenWeatherMap driver is now available in beta. If you’re not already part of the beta, feel free to PM @support to request access. :sunglasses:

Edit: Support for the icon format for the built-in Hubitat OpeanWeatherMap driver is now released in production.