Zmodo Camera Setup in Blue Iris

I tried ispyconnect wouldn’t find any of my cameras now I’m using Blue Iris and it’s found four of my cameras have one left to find the thing is I need to figure out what’s the address in the Blue Iris Software the camera is a Zmodo ZH-IZV15-WAC

Hi @Joel_jones, sorry I don’t have the same camera handy to test, but can you find its ip address in the Zmodo app? Or can you access your wireless router to find out what IP address does it use, so you can add it in Blue Iris?

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@RaY_Tavan_Ho mentioned that you might not be able to stream from this camera.

I didn’t find that particular model in any of the camera databases… I understand that four of your other cameras were discovered by Blue Iris, but not this one? I assume those we’re different models?

You might also try the Blue Iris forum or IP Cam Talk forum.

I found the IP address through the router and I tried scanning it through Blue Iris iSpy with no hits I can access it through the Zmodo meshare app

@Joel_jones, have you tried to reach out to Blue Iris support to confirm if they support this specific model?