Z-wave smoke Detector not showing up in sharptools

@josh @James
I’ve purchased a Heiman z-wave smoke Detector and added it to smartthings with no problem at all. I can set automations etc also with no issues.
However I can’t get it to show up in Sharptools. I have tried the method of manually authorising it but it doesn’t show up anywhere to select it so therefore can’t authorise it.
I would really appreciate anyone’s help on how to authorise it so I can use it in sharptools please :grinning:

It would need to support at least one of the capabilities to be authorized. It didn’t show on the second page of manual authorizations which includes generic capabilities like Actuators, Sensors, and Refreshables?

Didn’t see a 2nd page last time I did it manually…

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Ah…I got it! Thanks :+1:

Sorry, still learning about these things. Really appreciate all your help. You guys are doing an amazing job!

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