Z-Wave color Bulbs cant change color

I have some Inovelli Z-Wave bulbs that I cant get to change color for some reason via Sharptools.

I thought it was the group (just the two bulbs) ,so I create a test for each individually . I can turn them off and on, I can even Dim them . But I can’t get them to change color. (group or one by one)
I can do it inside the Habitat Device, HE dashboard, and even I can get my Alexa to change the colors.

I have a set up Sylvina and some cheep Zigbee bulbs in other rooms that I can set via Sharptools, just not these Z-Wave ones.

Any ideas?

Is this using a built in driver or a community/manufacturer driver?

If it’s the latter, can you share a link to the driver?


that was it actualy, I did not update the driver! Updated the drive, ran a refresh and update and stuff, and it worked!

Thanks for jaring my memory!