Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor

Hm, why isnt Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor listed selectable when adding things from smartthings ?

Are you trying to authorize it in SmartThings or are you trying to add it to your dashboard? If it’s the latter, you may just need to go backing into Manage Connections and select it to expose it to SharpTools. If that device got added to SmartThings after you last authorized devices, it won’t be in the list of things exposed to SharpTools.

I cant see it in the list on Manage Connections, so i cant expose it to sharptools…

Hi @Tontze, see the steps in the post below to authorize devices not showing up in the SmartThings auth list. This process would help authorize the unrecognized devices as long as they at least implement either Sensor or Actuator capability.

Nope, still cant see it ?

Is this using a community developed integration? If so, can you please link to the relevant Device Handler thread in the SmartThings community?

For example, I found the following device handler (DTH) which doesn’t have any of the ‘core’ supported capabilities, but it does implement the Sensor capability, so it should should up when authorized manually per the link James provided:

Thats the dth im using :slight_smile:

It should show up using the approach James linked above. I would try the linked steps above as you should see it under both “Which sensors” and “Which refreshable devices” on the second screen of the SharpTools SmartApp configuration in the SmartThings mobile app.

If not, we would need more details to help troubleshoot.

I do see it on mobile app, can select it and hit done, but when i go again to select it, it is unselected ?

Can you share a screen recording of what you are seeing?

The only other thing that comes to mind is the following note (from that same linked thread):

Aah thats it, ofcourse i tried to authorize it from sharptools.io too :slight_smile: Now i see it when i did nothing there :slight_smile:

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