Wyze Tinycam Pro

I am trying to Set up my Wyze camera in my Fully kiosk sharptools dashboard. Video shows up in Tinycam Pro but when I enter the following path nothing is showing in sharptools media. can you let me know if I am doing something wrong. http://(IP address):(Port)/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=1

Check out this post:

WYZE Cam OG the new ones released last couple of months don’t seem to work because of TinyCam Pro not supporting the cam
The issue is TinyCam Pro, its not setup to do these new cameras , the IP address changed on the new cams this TinyCam Pro does not have it in their Wyze Lists. Developer said he would update app 2 mos ago but nothing so far via the rededit post.
So my question is , is there another way to setup Sharptools with WYZE CAMS ???
Thanks all

Well crap, I just got 2 of the new OG cams and found out it’s not supported yet. Good thing I haven’t deleted the old V2s. Tinycam development must have slowed down real good after the dev got hired by wyze :joy: