Wyze Sensors and how i got them into Sharptools

I wanted to share how i accomplished what seemed to be not possible.

My goal was to bring in my wyze sensors used with home monitoring so i could see them like i do my other smartthings sensors.

I found out that the home assistant wyze integration had to remove that by threat of Wyze.

So here is how i did it.

Wyze is able to work with Google Home, But since that’s a closed eco system as well here is how i accomplished it.

Google Home, is connected to IFTTT
Create Virtual Contact Sensors in SmartThings for each Wyze sensor
Create a rule for sensor open and another for sensor closed in IFTTT that triggers for all sensors and sends a webhook to a rule in SharpTools.
This rule is rather large becouse the only way i could find to do it was a IF statement for each device.
That statement then updates the status of the smartthings virtual sensor that can then be available for more typical window and door automation.

Here is a screenshoot of my rule, if anyone knows of a more simplistic way that would be simpler to maintain, i would be all ears.

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Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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