Wyze RTSP setup via VLC


I would like to ask for your help in setting up Media RTSP Wyze live feed on sharptools.
I did setup RTSP for wyze, Converted it to Http stream via VLC Media Player. I tested that http live stream via another instance of VLC player by opening network stream (http://), however not quite sure now how to add that http stream to sharptools now…

Can you help ?

Thanks and Regards

Hi @Lalit_Verma, can you share a bit more on your encoding setup? Did you encode it to MJPEG? Then try to open the MJPEG link in the browser URL directly to see if it can be streamed fine. You may want to disable auth requirement to the VLC first to avoid the potential auth issue and to get the streaming part working first. If it works, create a Media resource using the link you got from VLC, and add this Media tile to the dashboard.

HI James,

Thanks for responding.
Pardon me if i will sound naive because i am pretty new to this area.

What i used is simply to create Stream using VLC, however i could not see any option to create MJPEG stream, i see options like “File”, “MPEG”, “http”, “RTP/MPEG” etc. options. I simply created “http” stream on port 8082. Later i test it by opening it using “Open Network Stream” using that http://:8082 and i am successfully able to open this stream using VLC.

Can you share on how to disable the auth requirement to VLC ?

thanks and regards

Setting up VLC is indeed a bit tricky. Here are the steps I just tried with my wyze cam:

  1. Tap Media → Stream → Network and provide your wyze rtsp link

  2. Next and select “HTTP” in the New destination dropdown, and "Add

  3. Select the port you want and add /cam.mpjpeg in path. By adding .mpjpeg extension it will change how VLC defines its content type, and you can verify the content-type in the browser’s developer tool

  4. Next, and create a new profile. Use “MJPEG” in encapsulation, and “M-JPEG” in Video codec



  5. Next and stream.

  6. Create a media resource in SharpTools using the HTTP link defined above. Ex:

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HI James

Thank you !! That was indeed helpful. Thanks for putting time in and help me with that.
Using your instructions i was able to run http stream over browser.

However now i am trying to add that stream into sharptools media tile, it does not show anything.
Don’t know what is wrong, however with your help, i have passed one big hurdle to have stream not running on browser.

If you can help me make this added to sharptools now, that would be highly appreciated.

Once again, Kudos.


Hi James

It took some time, but the stream started showing in dashboard. Splendid help !!!

Thank you !!!