TinyCam Pro & Bluestacks PC

I hope Im in the right spot for my first post.
Im running windows with bluestacks and within running tinycam pro web sever. It is assigning a address which is not what my windows pc is on of course.

Is there any way to change the IP web server in bluestacks, or any way within windows network device settings to make it work.


@Jace_Scofield is your goal to have TinyCam encode your camera streams to MJPEG and then to be added to the dashboard? VLC may be another option for you if this is your scenario.

So I was able to get that to work. So I understand, it doesnt save it anywhere on the pc, and it vlc has to remain open on that stream?

Is there a way through vlc to allow multiple cams?

Thank You

@Jace_Scofield, glad to hear that you got it working. See below for my comments:

Do you mean if the video content will be saved on PC? → No, it’s just being processed and stream from VLC, it doesn’t save it.

Yes the VLC needs to remain open, but I am wondering if VLC CLI supports “stealth” mode that doesn’t open the VLC window, but just creates the services. I haven’t explored much yet, but you may be able to find more information about the VLC CLI here.

I believe you can open multiple VLC application instances( or use the CLI instead of the graphic interface) and stream different cameras on different ports.

Another alternative is to use something purpose-built for displaying, recording, and transcoding network cameras. For example, both @James and I use Blue Iris which is a great solution for Windows and can translate streams to MJPEG.

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Probably I great purchase of software but I am being cheap right now. I was able to open multiple vlc instances on my windows pc and open the links i created to see the cams. Am I correct in just doing the same for each cam and just up the port number I guess? 8081, 8081, etc…

Just wish there was a way to get bluestacks tinycam on my local net instead of using some other network ip. I like that tinycam just uses the one program with user and pass and pulls in all the wyze cams regardless of rtsp.