Wyze Home Monitoring System tile

I was looking but could not find anything on how this tile works, or how i can create a tile to do similar things. My use case is to replicate that tile for SmartThings Home Monitor. I have already followed the documentation to create the virtual switches in smartthings to mange it.

What the “Wyze Home Monitoring System” tile does is , once clicked you get an option to select the mode, and then that completes an action.

Screenshoots show:

  1. Tile before click
  2. actions that can be chosen after click
  3. tile updated after action is ran.


Any thoughts on how this can be replicated?

Is that a Security System device from Home Assistant?

Unfortunately, SmartThings doesn’t provide direct API access to SmartThings Home Monitor, so you have to go the virtual switch approach as you mentioned. A few ideas:

  • Dashboard Overlay
    You could use a variable to display the status and then configure the action on that tile to open a new dashboard which has your virtual switches for controlling STHM. One thing to note is the pop-up dashboard won’t automatically close, so you would need to close it manually.

  • Rule to Cycle
    Another approach would be to use rules along with a variable to build some logic to cycle through your preferred states.

  • Super Tile
    Use a Super Tile so you can always directly tap the state that you want to change to and display the ‘active’ state as well

  • Modes
    Instead of virtual switches, you could use SmartThings modes with SmartThings Routines to control STHM so you could use the mode picker in SharpTools.

  • Other Rule + Variable Combos
    There’s probably also a bunch of other rule + variable approaches you could take depending on what your desired actions are. Especially when combined with Super Tiles and some of the other advanced features of SharpTools, the sky is the limit.

The Wyze Home Monitoring System tile, is coming from the HA Wyze Integration.
GitHub - SecKatie/ha-wyzeapi: Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices.

The only down side is, it wont pull the contact sensors any more.

Thanks for the info!! I will look at these. Is it a dahsboard overlay, that the tile is using that showed screenshots of? My idea was to reduce dashboard real estate by trying to recreate what that tile did using the vswitches that are changing the modes.

The mode picker does the same type of thing, I think it would be amazing to learn how to recreate that type of tile.

after searching to read more on the dashboard overlay and playing with it , that is 99% of what i am after. Thanks Josh!!

But do you think it would be possible to enhance it by auto closing after a selection is made, or at least an option to enable something like that?