Wyze Camera feed via wyze-bridge and generic camera on Home Assistant

I have connected my wyze cameras to Home Assistant via wyze-brdige and generic camera add-ons. I can see the life feed from the http link that HA gives me. An example of that is (http://HA_IP:8888/shed/). It also give me a rtsp and rtmp link to use as well. When i add these as media to a dashboard, i get a broken link, while the jpg works.

Does sharptools not support the http link? If not is there a way to work with this other than tinycam?

For the screenshot, the first is the http link. I looked at the link thats recommend there, but did not come up with a solution there.

An update

I have moved HA to SSL and i can see the HLS feed via an external browser and the cert shows valid.

I had to update the rtsp ssl settings, and flip the LLHLS flag to true for all of that to work.

From what i have read about the HLS feed it should be compatible. I could also flip over to a WebRTC feed, if that would be better.

Any thoughts?

HLS feeds won’t work directly with the Media Tile, but in theory you could create a Custom Tile that could view HLS feeds. If your streaming software provides sample HTML/embed code, you might be able to put that directly in the Custom Tile editor to try it out.

Otherwise if your software also offers the option for an MJPEG feed, you should be able to use that directly in a Media Tile.

The custom tile option does work. It seems a little spotty, it flashes green then back to the live feed.

I don’t think i have seen anything in my research yet for embed html code that could be used.

Do you know if the WebRTC feed would work? @josh

If this is the best i can get, it defiantly works, and i can publish my steps i took to get it to work.

I do see i can reencode as - FFmpeg: