Wyze Cam RTSP streaming (Tiny Cam drops continuously)

Hi people, I had experience constantly drops off with TinyCam Pro + Wyze Cam.
Going back to menu and reenter to cam view solv the issue but after randomly hours (2-48) drops again… what do you think about this:

Thanks for your comments.

I think @James played with the Wyze RTSP firmware a few years back… but it might have just been a brief test as his primary cameras are Reolink IP cameras running through Blue Iris if I remember correctly.

@Carlos_Juarez I tested the RTSP firmware on my Wyze 2 cam a couple years ago. The tests were short so I don’t recall running into this issue then. Have you post the question in the Wyze community if any has experienced the same?

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I will do it my friend …