Wyze Cam on Android Tablet

Hi… I wrote earlier, that I had wyze cam integrated, via Tinycam Pro, and I do… Looks good on PC, but it will not show up on the Tablet… Am I missing something… I am using Windows Pc 11, and Huawei Android Tablet and , Tinycam pro on a Xiaomi MI box.
It should not have to do whit Homey Pro :thinking: all my other things from HP runs fine :+1:
I am stiil missing Homey Presence
Regards Jim Denmark

Hi Jim-
I hope you don’t mind that I moved your post out of the Homey Beta thread and into the general category so other people might be able to help out.

I suspect this is related to the mixed content issue and perhaps the recent Chromium 111 changes. You can find details including workarounds here:

Note that @Gisle_Johnsen from the Homey Community also recently ran into this and the nip.io format mentioned in the linked thread resolved the issue for him.

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Yes. Make sure you have allowed unsecure content in browser on device
Then url should look something like this with the nip.io:
This worked for me :+1:


THX @Gisle_Johnsen :+1: I will try that, when I get home from Work tonight

:+1: Of course, my bad, I will try the solution tonight :smiley:

Hi Gisle… I can not figure it out :upside_down_face: I use Tinycam Pro
I have : http://192.172.x.xx:7xxx/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=2
Where should I put nip.io :thinking:
Regards Jim

You can append .nip.io between the ip address and port + path.


Sorry for late answer. I have done what Chris_C descibes :+1:

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