Wyze Cam issue on Sharptools

I have many Wyze cameras.
I’m using TinyCam pro in order to view them via Sharptools.
The issue i’m having is that I added 4 cameras to Media and I see only 2 of them, its not consist, sometimes I see more, but its not stable.
The server run on Android TV box (Tinycam pro server).

Does anyone experience the same or have any idea how to solve it?


What type of Android TV box are you running? The performance of the box may impact how many streams you can transcode concurrently. (The TinyCam developer recommends a powerful device like the NVIDIA Shield)

Can you share a screenshot of the dashboard just in case there are any other clues?

I’m using mi box s as the server.
I’m trying running 4 cameras in the same dash.
The uploaded image was taken from my Mac (safari browser)

Have you tried viewing multiple camera streams simultaneously directly in the TinyCam web interface?

The newest versions of TinyCam have an option for multi-camera streaming:

You might also check the ‘Admin’ section of the TinyCam web interface while you are trying to stream multiple cameras from SharpTools. If the CPU usage is maxed out, that could be a clue. Or you may have to check the various ‘Logs’ further down in the TinyCam admin section of the web interface… though perhaps the TinyCam developer himself would be better suited to helping you diagnose what is in those logs.

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I’ll have a look, but really have no idea

Hi Joshua,

I saw that the CPU is in 100%, but why ? the problem is that the webserver can only by run on an android device, so I dont think Nvidia shield is the only server that Tinycam works on.
I dont know why the CPU on my mi box s is in 100% while trying to view the cams on Sharptools, this is the only thing that run on my mi box s

Video encoding can be computation intensive. TinyCam can runs on many different Android devices, or even on a phone, but the device may not have enough horse power to process multiple cameras’ streams. Nvidia Shield is just a populated option that many have found it powerful enough to support multiple cameras with TinyCam Pro. (And it is recommended by the TinyCam Pro developer as the dedicated host device.)

I know, but I don’t want to buy nvidia shield just for this reason and then realise that the issue appears on this server as well

Looks like other people have had issues with Mi Box eating up CPU on TinyCam:


You might play with the different options or post in /r/tinycam on Reddit. For example, changing the video decoder in TinyCam can make a big difference on some devices. And certain features like object detection can also really eat up CPU.

OK, I will look into it