Wrong "Icon" on TV

I absolutely love your app. It looks great and functions pretty much perfectly. All except one tiny problem I’m hoping you can help fix. You’ll see in the attached picture that my first Thing is my TV. But the button has a light bulb in it. Can this be fixed?

Hi Eric-
Thanks for the message and welcome to the community. The Tasker Plugins / Widgets have a limited set of icon selections based on the devices’ capabilities. In this case, it looks like the device is reporting a Switch capability which is why it’s showing the switch/light card.

If you’re looking for custom icons for widget, you could use Tasker along with the SharpTools Tasker Plugins to create a custom icon on your homescreen.

And if you’re looking for a fully customizable interface to control your devices, check out the SharpTools.io dashboards. :slight_smile: