Wiz led strip won't change color

Hey all,
Been about a year or maybe longer since I was last active with sharptools, it kinda took the back burner to other projects . But now it is time to basically learn it all again!

I have the WIZ led color strips in my kitchen, I can turn them on or off and control cci via sharptools, but the color wheel doesn’t change the color of them at all.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have a work around? I a, using Huitst elevation.

Hey Alex! Good to hear from you.

Is this using a community developed device handler or a Hubitat built-in driver? If it’s a community driver, would you mind sharing a link to the driver?

Thanks Josh!
It’s a community driver

I also believe it’s supported but the hubitat package manager app as well.
I’ve also noticed that suddenly 2 Wiz bulbs suddenly stopped being able to adjust dcolor in the dashboard when setting them back up

Were you using the same driver previously?

It looks like the driver is requiring that the level be sent across when setting the color whereas it should be an optional field. The driver could be modified to make level optional when setting the color. Adding a check like the following to the top of the setColor() method should do the trick:

def setColor(hsv) {
    def rgb

        hsv.level = device.currentValue("level") ?: 100; //if the level wasn't included, try to get the current level or fallback to 100

Here’s the full file with the modification if you prefer to copy-paste the whole thing. If that modification works, I can submit a PR to the driver author:

Josh! Sorry I haven’t replied, but I tried your adjustment and it works wonderfully now, thank you so much senior! I’m excited to get back into sharptools and learn all the new fancy things you’ve done since I’ve been absent.

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