Wireless Status Tile

I have several Kindle Fire’s I use to display different dashboards. On several occasions I have discovered that a particular Fire has lost it’s wireless connection but the Dashboard continues to display as if everything is OK. EXCEPT I get suspicious when I see a status I know is not correct. I then swipe the screen and check the wireless status where I discover and correct the lost connection. Is there any way I can create a tile as part of my dashboard that will display the status of the wireless connection? I would custom design such a tile to glow when OK and turn red when it is not. I’m just not smart enough to figure how how to do it or if it is even possible. Feedback?

I recall someone else talking about this recently and they mentioned that there was a setting in the Fire tablet they needed to tweak for it to maintain the wireless connection. I’m not sure which setting it is, but a Google search brought up this advice:

Not sure of your tablet but go to Home > Settings > WiFi & Networks, tap on WiFi (ensure it is switched On). There should be an options menu icon, usually 3 vertical dots, somewhere on the screen. Tap it and select Advanced.

Tap on the Keep WiFi on during sleep setting and select always.

There may also be a WiFi Optimization setting that you could check to see what the setting is. If it is On, turn it Off.

:link: Reference

If the above advice about tweaking the setting doesn’t help, I bet it could be done with a Custom Tile. Let me know if the setting above resolves the underlying connectivity issue, otherwise I can take a stab at putting something together for you. It looks like Fully Kiosk Browser has an API that can be used to check the wireless / network status, so if you’re using Fully I’m pretty sure we could put something together. :smiley:

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Thanks Josh. I have already done the previous suggestion and it seems to have helped along with a reboot of my Google Mesh but the lesson I learned is that if the wifi goes down and I am not made aware some other way there is nothing on my dashboard to alert me to the fact that it is not up to date. So a tile that turns red to alert me to check the wireless connection on that particular tablet is what I had in mind. I have found Wall Panel to be a lot easier to set up and use than FKB so although I have several FB licenses I have all my Kindles using WP at the moment.