Wireless Sensor Tags

I am planning to establish a Wireless Sensor Tags network (https://wirelesstag.net) alongside my Hubitat node. I am looking for a way to integrate both so that, for example, a wireless tag message, such as refrigerator temp > 38F, would trigger an action in SharpTools and/or on the Hubitat. A typical action might be push a message out over PushOver. Wireless Sensor Tags has their own app and supports IFTTT, so perhaps support for IFTTT in SharpTools would be a way to go initially, then if there is sufficient demand for Wireless Sensor Tags, you could look into a more direct integration.

Thanks for posting the feature request. Feel free to cast a vote on your own request at the top of this topic.

In the meantime, it looks like someone has put together a Wireless Sensor Tags integration for Hubitat:

If that integration gets the tags connected into Hubitat, then you could sync the devices over to SharpTools from Hubitat. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick and helpful response Josh!