WindVector setting

I am trying to use my weather station wind speed and direction to close my pool shades when the wind is greater than x and from a direction of y.

I see an attribute named windVector and a string field. Can you provide an idea of how that string would be configured to accomplish this if it is possible?

What type of Weather Station is this? Do you perhaps know which device handler / driver is being used for this device? That might provide some clues as to what value this field supplies as I don’t believe it’s a standard field.

Another approach would be to watch the values that are reported for the windVector. You can either add it as a Hero Attribute tile to a dashboard or you can check the device details directly in your hub.

The device is the native SmartWeather Station tile and the data source is my own personal weather station. The Hero Attribute tile shows the same data. IDE screenshot attached.

Wind vector IDE data

So do you think there’s a way to parse out the windVector data to use direction and speed?

Unfortunately, since the windVector also seems to include the wind speed, it makes things a bit more challenging as you can’t just match a variety of vectors (assuming they’re rounded values like 270, 280, 290 or something similar)… seems odd they didn’t choose to use the windVector as a number so it was easier to check for a range.

Tagging @James so he’s aware of the use case.

I wonder if there’s perhaps a different device handler that could be used along with your personal weather station that would provide the wind direction in a more useable format?

Not sure but I’ll check around. I do know the data is available separated between speed and direction because a friend has taken that data and using a webhook configured it to do what I want using IFTTT but I find the IFTTT integration flaky at best. The data is going to Acurite and he’s getting it from there somehow.

Thanks for taking a look and I’ll poke around and see if I can get the data seperated.


@Scunny, just curious if you had any luck getting the wind reading as number, instead of string. :grin:

Unfortunately not. Thanks for asking.

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