Win10 link to open Spotify


I just got a nifty touchscreen laptop that I’m using as my new control panel for my house. I want to create a link to the installed Spotify app in win10 so I can launch it from sharptools if that, is possible?

Have you tried:


That works for me on Windows 11 from Chrome. I think I have Spotify installed from the Microsoft Store.

Well I should have figured that, out by myself! It Works! I have to close the app so it can’t switch to it if Its open but it can launch it and then it, Comes into focus. Thanks!

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Spotify also has a decent web app, so you might be able to open that in a new tab (they don’t allow it be be embedded in other sites though :frowning: )

New, tabs, doesn’t work with full screen chrome for me, can’t go back to ST.

Can I both open Spotify app and change to another dashboard? So if it’s open it shows a new dashboard with controls?

I can’t think of a “simple” way to do that with just Hyperlinks.

You may be able to open the Spotify app and navigate to a new dashboard with a single press in a Custom Tile, but that would require some basic HTML/JavaScript… and it sounds like the Spotify app would still be in the foreground on your computer which would be an issue.

Can you help me understand the use-case better? If you are changing to another dashboard with controls (presumably to control Spotify?) couldn’t the Spotify app be left always open?

I use sharptools in full screen mode in Chrome since the pc is mounted in a frame. So when I want to use Spotify I want it to open on top of the chrome tab. If it’s already open pressing the Spotify:// shortcut does nothing.

I guess a Spotify custom tile in which I can choose music would work but I’m not aware of Such a feature?

I guess I’m still missing the need to change to another dashboard?

Is the issue that you always want to bring Spotify to the foreground? Or you just want to make sure it’s open in the background, but you actually want a different dashboard displayed?

I was, thinking as a catch all solution but im thinking of going with a Spotify dash and having Spotify constantly open In the background. And, then using Spotify on my phone to change music