Will support continue for Bose Soundtouch Speakers?

Will controlling and playing sound files on Bose Soundtouch Speaker using SharpTools continue to function after the SmartThings transition away from Groovy and IDE is complete?

How are they connected to Smartthings? If you linked accounts and it’s a cloud service, it’s not affected.
If they are directly linked and you never installed a custom device handler, it should also migrate by itself.

I’m currently using Smartthings Speaker Companion which does not appear to be a service they have migrated. So I was looking to SharpTools, which indeed supports and allows me to control and play music with the Bose Soundtouch Speaker. I was trying to figure out if somehow SharpTools was making use of the Speaker Companion service, which is soon to be elimated (or so it seems), or if SharpTools was using a SmartThings service that was not being eliminated. I didn’t want to port a lot of scripts to SharpTools if the control of the Bose Soundtouch Speaker was going to go away as the SmartThings finished up with migration and elimination of Groovy and the IDE.

SharpTools communicates directly with the SmartThings API. We’ve already moved over to the next-generation SmartThings APIs, so there’s no Groovy dependencies from our side at all.

@Sgt.Flippy_PJ has you pointed in the right direction with the device itself. In their Platform Transition FAQ, SmartThings called out Bose speakers as devices they planned to continue to support with the following caveat:

Brand Devices Impact in SmartThings
Bose All Speakers Device will continue to function but will be removed from existing routines, SmartApps, and Scenes. After migration, the device can be re-added to the correct Automations.