Wifi light switch

Morning all,

Been a while since been on.

Just after some advice and not really s sharptools q…

Current set up is a wall mounted dashboard and many smart bulbs.

I like the idea of getting some smart light switches so they can be controlled with the dashboard, voice assistant or the wall pannel.

I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience of advice as i dont want to go down the route of having to wire a smart light switch in.

I have a older property and have had some problems with the electrics in the passed with older brittle wiring etc etc. Everything has been good for the last few years so really dont want to start messing around with things and no neutral wires etc…

I have seen some wifi battery type switches:

such as the aoetech wallmote quad or the aqara wirelss h1 switch.

what I was trying to achieve or wonder if anyone has done was installing these over an existing light switch - this would require some sort of blanking plate to to stick over the existing switch and the a way of putting the switch on the blanking plate.

anyone any ideas how this would look or a better install process?

Many thanks

My take would be, to make it look half decent, you would indeed need blanking plates, which require you to remove the switch as well. Which in turn would require to adjust the wiring and you could of just as easily use a smart switch to attach them to.

The second issue in my head would be, if the wiring is so bad you can’t manipulate or replace switches, I wouldn’t want them to constantly power on a wifi light, 24/7, even if it’s only low current. But that might just be me.

If you’re in the United States (I’m not), I seem to recall a manufacturer that makes smart switches that have a motorised switch to go over existing switches. You could also look into Switchbots, they have the ability to push a switch and with a stickied on wire, pull them back as well. Doesn’t look as neat, but does work well.

The motorized switches mentioned by @Sgt.Flippy_PJ are made by Third Reality. I’ve been using one of them for a couple of years.