Widget not updating

I have humidity and temperature widgets on my Android Pie phone. The humidity widget operates properly, and updates when the humidity changes by a specified amount. However, the temperature widget does not ever update unless I actually open the SharpTools app. I also have the temp widget set to update when the temperature changes by a certain amount.

Any known issues here? Thanks for the responses.

Are you using the built-in Thing Attribute widget to display these values or a custom widget (eg. via Tasker)?

Can you clarify what you mean by you have it set to update when the temperature changes by a certain amount?

From what I can tell, it sounds like the subscription for the Temperature event is not working as expected for some reason. If you’re using the built-in Thing Attribute widget, try the following:

  1. Remove all widgets that use the temperature attribute for your desired device
  2. Open the SharpTools app
  3. Slide out the left navigation and select Subscriptions (bottom of list)
  4. Tap the Refresh icon in the action bar and wait for the refresh to complete
  5. If there are any remaining subscriptions for your temperature sensor left, remove them by long-pressing on the temperature subscription and unsubscribing
  6. Complete the setup of your temperature widget again and verify that the data is updating as expected

I use the built-in Thing Attribute widget.

The SmartThings app has settings for my device through a device type handler. For example, the device will update in SmartThings when the temp changes by more than 0.5 degree Fahrenheit.

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