Why won't "Disarm" turn off alarm on Shartools dashboard?

Sorry, I am new to the automation of using Sharptools and would really appreciate help from those experienced users.

I set up my Sharptools dashboard to use my ST Home Monitor on it… and although I can “Arm” the security system with the dashboard, if the STHM detects an intrusion, I can’t simply hit “Disarm” to turn it off. I have to open my ST app to “dismiss” the alarm. Why is that happening? What step, if any, am I missing?

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Hi my friend, how are you trying to trigger the “Disarm” commandin STHM? Are you using a Sharpttols rule? Are you using a Simulated Switch to link?. In my case arming and disarming works Ok, maybe I can help you with other uses…

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Yes, exactly. I am trying to trigger the disarm command in STHM. I didn’t create any Sharptools rules, that I know of. I set it up using the simulated switches in Smartthings. I then installed Fully Kiosk and used Sharptools on a FIRE HD8 tablet to act as a keypad for the alarm system.

I am able to toggle between all 3 events, Armed Stay, Armed Away , Disarm on the FIRE HD tablet using Sharptools, but it doesn’t turn off the alarm. I have open Smartthings on my phone and select “dismiss” to turn off the siren. I don’t know what I’m missing… I just want to select “Disarm” on the tablet to turn it off.

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Ah Okey…my friend, I think I get it !.. I do not think you can “Discard” STHM warning message from Sharptools but @josh could confirm it, but you can disarm STHM and deactivate your siren. The issue you can handle is change the STHM to DISARM status and silence the siren, I have ADT/ST hub (upstairs) and also an AEOTEC Siren 6 in the kitchen, thats the way Im doing it:

1.- One Momentary Virtual Switch named “DISARM BUTTON”
2.- One Simulated Switch named “ALARM DISARM SWITCH”
3.- In SharpTools Dashboard an alarm panel with a tile for “DISARM BUTTON”
4.- In Smartthings STHM is set when Alarm goes Off “PANIC BUTTON” (Simulated Switch) is ON
5.- One Automation in Smartthings IF “Panic Button” On then “Siren Aeotec 6” ON and Alarm Scene ON (turn house light to red 100% and yard lights to 100%)
6.- One Automation in Smartthings IF “Disarm Button” On THEN “Alarm Disarm Switch” On AND “STHM” to DISARM Status
7.- One Automation in Smartthings IF “Disarm button” On and “Panic button” is On THEN “Siren Aeotec 6” Off
8.- In SharpTools rules there is 3 rules for this:
- Notice PushOver Disarm panel Status,
- Notice PushOver Panic ON
- Notice PushOver Panic OFF

So if you have trigger in Sharptools board a button OFF and have an automation or rule that makes your siren Off and update STHM Status to Disarm it has to work, but notice that STHM Alarm warning message is going to be on in STHM until you discarded in STHM even STHM is on disarm status already.

I hope I have been clear and this can help you …


Than you so much! I think get where you are going with this! I have to set up a disarm alarm switch that controls the siren as well. Then add IFTT which also turns off the siren when I select “Disarm”. I can then set a rule in Sharptools that will also turn of the siren when I select “disarm”. I’ll let you know how it goes… if I said anything that doesn’t make sense, let me know. Again, I’m just learning this stuff, sorry. But you have to start somewhere, haha.

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