Why isn't my rule running

Hi all, I had a version of this rule to lock my door (Yale) after 3 mins of being unlocked. However this didn’t take into account that the door could be kept open for longer than that, and would automatically lock. Which always ended up with me closing the door with the lock extended. Annoying af!
My solution was to put a contact sensor.
What I was trying to do is after 3 mins of the door staying closed, to lock the door. For some reason, my rule doesn’t seem to want to lock my door. Please help me out.

Hey @David_Fernando - thanks for posting and including the screenshots!

The way the rule is setup today, it’s not possible for the conditions to become true as the rule is basically saying:

WHEN the Front Door is Closed
  IF the Front Door is Closed
 AND the Front Door has stayed Closed for 3 minutes
THEN Lock the Door

So the door changes from open to closed and then immediately checks if it has been closed for 3 minutes which can never be true.

To accomplish what you’re looking for, the rule can be simplified to just have the 3 minute condition as the Trigger and only have the lock action.

WHEN the Front Door stays closed for 3 minutes
Lock the Front Door