Who is SharpTools?

Just tell me if you would rather not share this. However I am new to the community, and see other relatively new people posting comments. I would appreciate having a better understanding of - who is behind SharpTools?

Is it a growing hobby site? A couple of guys “working from their garage”? A small company with a handful (or more) of employees? Is it full time, or part time?

I hope you don’t mind me asking. It is very polished, I’m super impressed, but I just have no idea what it takes to pull something like this together . I am curious though.


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Thanks for the interest, @Aaron_Drysdale! We’re a small company focused on this full time. The following post covers some of the history about how SharpTools came to be:

We appreciate the curiosity! It’s always fun demoing our product at conferences and other events and seeing how surprised people are that we’re a small organization able to build so much cool stuff!


We did get asked many many times in the conferences/events which department we work for in SharpTools. :rofl:


Thanks for the information, and I wish you both lots of success. I admire the risk taking, and the great attitude you both have with your users.


Are you both developers, or is one more of the developer, and the other person the QA, PM, customer service, BA, etc, etc… person. I’m sure in a small company there are plenty of hats to share around!

Lots of hats are worn!


Don’t let them fool you. They’re from another planet. How do I know? They actually help you out when you have an issue. Completely unheard of from most software vendors so…


I have noticed that! It started the first day I posted a problem and within an hour Josh was asking me for debug log from Chrome. I was really impressed by that.