White screen troubleshooting

I have an always on dashboard. After a while, the screen goes white and becomes unresponsive. I am trying to figure out if this is a sharptools issue or a browser issue. The dashboard goes white but there is the outline still of one of my tiles. See pic. Any idea how to troubleshoot?

That tile in the top-left looks like an unstyled iframe. Is it perhaps a Custom Tile?

What type of device is this on? It looks like there’s a mouse cursor, so if it’s running a desktop browser, you might be able to open the browser’s dev tools and see if there are any errors displayed in the console.

It’s actually in the spot where I have two tiles. One is a Super Tile (to the left) and the other to the right is a media tile:

This is on my Mac Mini, but I’m using Kiosk software so I don’t have access to a dev console…at least while using the Kiosk software. I don’t recall having this issue with Safari, but Safari kept booting the dashboard out of full screen mode.

Perhaps it’s a different tile on the page rendered at that 0,0 position. Presumably, if the page is as broken as is shown in the original screenshot, it’s reasonable that the positioning isn’t applied either.

If you switch back to Safari and the issue doesn’t occur, then you might consider reaching out to xProline and see if they have any suggestions for how you might be able to troubleshoot this or get access to a browser dev console.

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Updating to the latest Mac OS appears to have resolved this issue. The kiosk software developer suspected something with the underlying javascript engine, so updating to Sonoma must have updated the javascript engine too. :+1:

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Spoke too soon. This issue is still occurring, despite having updated the OS, as well as changing the underlying browser user agent.

Ok, the developer has added access to the console, so now I can actually debug this. I’ll PM you some of the output.

Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to the console logs.