Which contact sensor

What contact sensors are people using that are reliable? Preferably available in Europe.

I have a lot of Sonoff stuff, including the Zigbee hub and contact sensors. But I feel a lot of the sensors are hit or miss. The ones that do work, work all the time and there’s no issues.
Then there’s a few, which tell me battery low since I got them, swapped batteries and they only report half charge. They don’t report going offline, so suddenly I wonder why my garage scene light doesn’t work when I open the door. Only to have to look into the Ewelink app to see it’s offline. With a full battery.
I press the link button, the led inside lights up showing it reports changes, but the logs show nothing. Still offline. Then it goes on to work 2-3 times and dies again.

I have about 3 out of 9 which constantly give me issues. The garage door is right below the hub, so can’t be a connection issue.

So what are you guys using, that would be more reliable?

I can’t speak to Europe availability, as I’m in the US. Zwave frequency is different in US and Europe.

I have a number of these. The battery is rechargeable. Super slim profile and very unobtrusive. I get 4 - 6 months from a charge. Using them with a ST hub. I’ve never had one drop.


I was hoping to keep it to Zigbee, a Z-wave hub makes stuff expensive. But I guess quality has a price as well… Although all my other Sonoff stuff works flawless.

Im doing with Ecolink Contact sensor and they are really reliable, no fail never, and battery is at 90% after 1.5 year old of intensive use… Also Eria Smart Sensor work fine, but a couple of times I have had to recontact one of them to update its status …


I’m only using Z Wave (UK)

I have the Aeotec contact sensor - I got that one specifically as you can disable the internal contact and connect to the terminals instead. I used it to wire a microswitch to it sat behind the mortice bolt of my door lock to monitor status. A bit pricey but there weren’t many options that had the terminal input with UK/EU frequency.

Alternatively I really like the Neo Coolcam Z Wave Contacts and they’re not expensive (£19 on Amazon).


I’ve got a couple of these but find I have to charge them too often, even though those windows hardly get opened/closed.

I like the Aeotec Sensor 7 contact sensors. They even hold up pretty well outside (I live in Florida - lots of sun and heat). They are Zwave but have US and EU frequencies. I dont care for the 1/2 AA battery sizes though, and most of the replacement battery packs I’ve bought online have dead batteries mixed in with fresh batteries. I also use ThirdReality for my Zigbee sensors and I like those too - they use normal AAA batteries.

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Thanks for the tips guys.

Will think about getting an Aeotec Hub, will give me a variety of sensors to try out.

Does anyone have outside sensors? I have 2 on my sliding gate, so I can be sure if it’s fully opened or closed at any time. But obviously they hang outside. I taped around them with electrical tape to have them a bit more rain resistant. But would be great to have a set actually meant for outside.

I have thought about getting an outdoors wired sensor and hook that up to some kind of switch inside the motor housing. But haven’t found a suitable sensor switch yet. Maybe a Sonoff mini and have it switch on and off everytime the gate moves.