When creating a nav dashboard....?

So if I am creating a nav dashboard and I am inserting/adding a dashboard item, when I go to edit the tile it just inserted, it does not give me an option to do anything with the URL or anything. Should I be doing this as a hyperlink rather than a dashboard when creating a navigation dashboard that all others are built into?

Thanks for posting @Mark_Godfrey! I’m not sure I understand what the end goal or problem is, so I’m not sure how to advise here.

The Dashboard Tiles link to specific dashboards. There’s also the ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ tiles under the Dashboard list which will navigate back and forward relative to your browser history.

You can use Hyperlink tiles to navigate between dashboard pages, but they don’t really provide a lot of added benefit over Dashboard Tiles unless you wanted a specific feature of the Hyperlink Tiles (like opening a new browser window or modal).