What tablet/device are you using for dashboards?

Here is my 2020 Fire HD 10 - it is mounted in a custom MB Mounts ‘Flush’ Mount - you can see it is considerably oversize as it has replaced an old-school Intercom. Mike made the Mount to my specs.

More details of the process here - https://youtu.be/JrkmQbOvO0c

@Josh - which mount are you using per your early post in this thread? One thing I have been getting frustrated with since installing this one is being unable to swipe from the side and top/bottom - the bezel pretty much is right at the edge of the visible screen and it’s just not practical to swipe (I need to have Mike amend this - that is one spec I did not mess with, just asked for ‘std’ Fire 10 aperture)

Regarding ths sizes, I have 7, 8 & 10 Fires - the 10 is my main interface, the other two are auxiliary panels for the front entry and master bedroom
For the extra $25, wish I’d gone with two 8’s for my auxiliary panels, although the 7 will not be utilized so much, primarily for disarming alarm in bedroom.
But the 7 is very slow relatively


Very cool! Thanks for sharing and thanks for including the photo and video!

It was by a guy named Bob Strenger. He doesn’t make them anymore though. :confused:

I can understand that. We tend to recommend new HD 8 or bigger. The 7" devices have historically been underpowered. And the 7" model hasn’t been refreshed in 2+ years if I remember correctly, so it’s probably due for an update too.

It is at least running the latest firmware so it has the same capabilities we discussed in another thread, regarding the FKB LockScreen (or not!)

p.s. Sorry about the A tiles reference at the end @Josh - That was before I had actually done anything in that regard and obviously have gone with Sharptools! :slight_smile:
I’m going to redo that end scene and include the Remote Station installs and I’ll be sure to also amend that to Sharptools and a show the screen with a Dashboard (although it’s not that sophisticated yet!)

That is indeed really sweet @Justin_Leonard - something like that would have been nice in my oversized location - but then thought better of it with a bit of sticker shock! North of $400 - too rich for this Scot (LOL - maybe in my next home, probably be selling this house later this year)

If I get an Amazon Fire Tablet to run Sharptools, do I need to get the version that is ad-free, or can I get the version that is ad-supported and still have it work fine since I don’t plan to let it go to a lock screen? Or is that even an option on the ad-supported version?

Ad-free is not necessary for running SharpTools dashboards on those Fire tablets. You can use Fully Kiosk Browser (download the APK specifically for Fire OS) app, which is a very popular app to run dashboard on Fire tablets, and many users have configure it to dim the screen in screensaver, and exit screensaver when a motion is detected by its camera. So it simply doesn’t go to the lock screen.

Here are some basic Fully Kiosk Browser settings that you might be interested.

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You’ve probably discovered it by now, but just in case you haven’t:


It’s great for getting some important Google add-ons, as well.

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In addition to the Fire Toolbox which is excellent there is an interesting hack out there using a facebooklive file that disables the start screen completely. Works well and makes it easy to boot kindles directly to Fully Kiosk Browser.

Evening all…

quick question…

using a new hd fire 8 2020…

when running sharptools with fully kiosk browser, have all the settings (I believe) correct but was just wondering when you have the kiosk mode enabled if you push the home navigation button the screen should it still take you the “nromal” amazon home screen??

I assumed it would block it and stop it from doing this…


What home button are you referring too? I am running Fully Kiosk on my Fire HD 8s and all of the soft buttons are gone as the browser takes the whole screen?

The “soft button” at the bottom of the screen…Mike are still there???..I can press back and home etc…thoughts?

I should say if I put the screen into full mode they go but If u swipe up from bottom they appear

Yes, if you press the ‘home’ button (round one) it takes you directly to the Home Screen; or the apps select button (square one) it shows all the running apps and then you can tap on the home screen and it will also take you home. In either case the FKB continues to run in the background.
Did you NOT want it to do this? Surely that’s a good thing?
Also note that even with the FKB in the Background (i.e. either your home screen is at front, or another app you have open) the FKB will STILL perform its ScreenSaver mode control.

p.s. From Home Screen to get FKB back to front, you have to select the Square button and then select the FKB again (or of course you could just press the FKB icon again)

Also - I have CNN headlines running in a tile in Sharptools - if I click on the headline it takes me to the story and if I click ‘back’ it takes me back to the FKB/Sharptools Home Screen

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On the bottom toolbar/swiping up - there is actually an option in FKB to keep it up (currently I’m waiting for a replacement bezel for my 10" wall mount - the aperture is too tight, making swiping in from any direction awkward.
But I don’t care for the appearance of the permanent toolbar so just pull off the cover (its held on by magnets) until my new one comes.

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yeh that’s how my home button works…I was just curious if that was the way it was supposed to be…

re your mount…am I right assuming you live in the states?? cant really find any here in the UK…possibly have to see if I can get one imported…

I suppose this is only an issue if you want to provide access to other apps? I do everything in the browser so never have any need to swipe up or go to other apps. I am positive the various mount companies will ship to UK. I use Vidabox but I hear MB Mounts are also good. Plus for larger format screens I create my own.

MBMounts will ship overseas (it’s in their FAQ on their website)

I mentioned earlier - I got my 10" Flush Mount first and immediately discovered the aperture was too small for swiping; I’m waiting on replacement front acrylic bezel with an oversize opening (which Mike is providing at no charge!). When I ordered my surface mounts for the 7 & 8" I spec’d these to be 5mm larger than std in height/width (i.e. -2.5mm from original edge all way round) - I have recommended he adopt that as his standard as it does not detract any aesthetically and allows the true functionality for swiping from any direction. I don’t know if he has incorporated that as std or not at this point, so I would ask.
In another thread (on here I believe) someone had said the finish quality of the 3D print was poor - I would say quite the opposite, very happy with its appearance.You can obviously see the print seams on the inner surface, but the outside is very nice.
Here are my 7 & 8" Tablets in the MBMounts Surface Mounts (with the custom-spec’d apertures)

The Flush Mount is really nice too - it has an Acrylic Fascia that is held on simply by magnets (the back plate is 3D Printed and screws to the wall). Mine was customized to be extra-wide to cover up an old opening that housed a vintage Intercom system. Very slim and of course the Acrylic is a beautiful gloss vs the more-matte surface mounts. You can see my Acrylic Surface Mount further up this thread - just bear in mind that it is not normally that large vs a standard size wall mount


Here is an example of the vidabox mount. They don’t offer in wall mounts such as MB Mounts, only on wall. I have a couple I am burning in right now before I put them on the wall.

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Those mounts look amazing…

I did see that…might have to look into costs to get imported…

The Vidabox Mounts are incredibly expensive - will cost (significantly!) more than the tablet :astonished:

On the MB mounts @Tom_Smith I believe if you just go through the process it will calculate your shipping before you commit to final purchase. I would expect it should be reasonable as shipping within US is already included.
Be sure to also check out the power options - I already have 12V available so got the 12V to 5V converter; He also has AC to 5V converter
Whichever you go with, even if doing your own supply, get the edge connector for the tablet - it’s really neat