What source am I picking from?

I have several Hubs (some Hubitat, and a SmartThings).
They all have the same name for things. (Because they’re created from HubConnect)
How do I know which Hub I’m picking from?

When you go to manage your account, you can only choose 1 hub to sync to. So if you have devices on other hubs that you want to be available in SharpTools then you can use HubConnect to connect them to the hub you sync SharpTools to.

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In general, we would recommend only authorizing the devices that you need per hub.

So if on Hub A, you have:

  • Switch A
  • Switch B

And on Hub B you have:

  • Switch C
  • Switch D
  • Switch A (synced from Hub A)
  • Switch B (synced from Hub B)

We would recommend only authorizing the switches that are native to each hub. Or at the very least, only authorize those synced/duplicate switches from one of the Hubs (for example, if you want them all coming from Hub B in the example above).

That being said, we’ve noted that request around improving the visual indications as to which hub/platform a device is synced from. :smiley:


I now have duplicates from Hubitat and SmartThings.
How do I eliminate the connection to one of them - I removed the connection from the Hub side, but from the SharpTools side it’s still there. How do I remove a connection?

I agree a simple notation would be helpful

If you proceed through the authorization from the SharpTools side of things and uncheck the devices you no longer want, it will remove those unchecked devices when you complete the authorization.

  1. Open your SharpTools.io User Page
  2. Tap Manage Connections
  3. Select your desired hub
  4. Follow the authorization prompts making sure to uncheck the devices you no longer want

After you’ve been redirected back to SharpTools, the system will sync over the device selections and automatically remove any unchecked devices.

Note that in general we recommend authorizing devices in their native platform. eg. Devices that are native to Hubitat should be authorized via the Hubitat connection rather than via their copied devices in SmartThings. (That being said, you can choose to authorize the synced HubConnect copies in SmartThings, but you may experience some additional overhead of HubConnect)

But the key is you can only sync to 1 hub, so all the devices you might want on any dashboards need to either be direct devices or HubConnect connected to the synced hub.

As a general rule, I only use HubConnect for devices that might be needed for rules on the other hub or for devices that I want access to on my dashboards.