What’s this alert icon

I just turned on my lamp (inovelli rgb bulb) after I set the level, there is an alert icon next to the level setting, what is it?

That means the hub didn’t respond with the expected state in time. When you switch a device on using a switch compatible tile, it optimistically reflects the expected state (eg. on). If the hub doesn’t report the on event within a few seconds, the tile shows that warning indicator to let you know that something might be wrong.

What state does the device report in Hubitat currently?

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Hi Josh,
I get this exclamationmark more and more. And the error message unable to send command. This morning it was a disaster. A lot of errors. Homey is working normally and also the homey app. Lights in Homey off, but in Sharptools still on.
I restarted Sharptools, Homey, synchronized homey and sharptools via the app, restarted the router. Did not help.

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II’ve also been seeing it more frequently in the last week or so. I assume however, at least yesterday it was related to my migration and the mesh rebuilding itself.

There’s something going on with integrations that use a socket connection (Homey and Home Assistant). I’m actively looking into it.

Can you try again now? I rolled back an update that was made yesterday and the performance with socketed connections seems to be back to normal.

The update yesterday was a minor version update to the underlying language that the platform runs on in order to get updated timezone details. The update was intended to address a small number of users in Mexico as Daylight Savings is no longer being observed in that country, so we’ve rolled it back for the time being as the performance issues introduced were unacceptable.

It seems it is back to normal. Maybe it is a very slight slower, because I can see on some tiles a question mark when I open a dashboard. This did not often happen before.

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