What functionality does sharptools offer with thermostats

If I bought an ECObee thermostat can I have a sharptools show to increase and decrese the temp but also let me choose between which sensors to use, and switch between heat/cool/auto?

Like for a light can I only turn on or off or does the tile let me adjust the dim on a light?

What can the tiles do, just simple on off stuff or have actual functionalities included?

Yes you can control a thermostat with a tile.

Yes you can control a light with just on and off.

Yes you can control the dim level with a tile and on and off.

You can adjust the temperature, on/off and modes of the thermostat.
Choosing which sensor to use is not a possibility I believe. Not one my Honeywell T6 supports anyway.
I think that’s quite specific to the system you are using right now and I haven’t seen this integrated into Smartthings before either.

What you can do, is make rules to change modes or temperatures based on other sensors, but that might not fully be what you want.

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Before I drop $250 x 2 thermostats on ecobee, i would like to know in sharptools what the thermostats can do.

Can you set a button that will switch which sensor your ecobee is using for the temp? Is there a simple way to adjust what mode your thermostat is? Like click a button to turn it into eco mode? Or does it show a temp up and temp down button?

Screenshots would be very valuable along with explinations

Hi Kendall - since you already had a thread open on the topic of Thermostats and how they work in SharpTools, I’ve merged your post in with that.

Side note: In general, if you have follow-up questions on the same topic, it’s best to keep them in the same thread. Some of the questions about functionality are already answered above and the search functionality of the community (or even google with “SharpTools [your query]”) can be helpful too.

Other threads in the community have screenshots of thermostat tiles, but I’m copying some fresh screenshots here for your convenience.

Thermostat Tile

Thermostats can be added in Single Height or Double Height layouts depending on what features they offer. The double height generally works best for thermostats like Ecobee where automatic modes (eg. ‘auto’ / ‘eco’) are used as it gives you visibility into the cooling and heating setpoints directly.

You can tap the ‘Adjust’ button in the bottom left corner of the thermostat to bring up additional controls for controlling the mode (and fan mode if your thermostat supports it). If your thermostat reports a different set of supported modes / fan modes, this UI can adapt to that.

In this example, I’m using a Honeywell thermostat which doesn’t offer an ‘eco’ mode.

As others have alluded to, the Thermostat interface exposes controls over features that are commonly implemented across thermostats. Things that are unique to a particular brand of thermostat, like which sensor is being used, aren’t exposed in the thermostat tile.

That being said, if your thermostat exposes those unique commands within its SmartThings integration, you could create a rule to use those commands. That being said, it feels like most thermostat manufacturers keep some of those unique features restricted to their app and expose just the core thermostat functionality in their smart home integrations. I can’t speak to what Ecobee exposes to SmartThings as I don’t use one.

Does ecobee allow for me to create an automation that will change what sensor it uses based on time? Like setting the sesnor A to be active from 8-6, and the other from 6-9?

Or if I program the sensors in the app, does adjusting the temp effect the apps preset sensor? So I can play with min/max temps and the apps accepts those inputs and does it for the preselected app sensor?

Also, if I either set times to adjust the temp, like make it cooler at night without having to manually adjust it for that, so set a rule in the app for 9pm to change the temp to 5 degrees cooler, does the tile auto update with this new app pushed temp?

So if I buy ecobee sensors, I can tell smartthings to adjust the temp based on specific sensor at specific times right? My google thermostat let’s you program when to use which sensor and adjusts the temp for that sensor. I don’t wanna lose this capability. I wanna be able to use sharptools and display what temp it is in say my living room and set the temp from 65-70, then at 9pm switch to my bedroom sensor and make the bedroom that temp.

I don’t think the sensors on the thermo can be configured in smartthings but you should still be able to configure them in the ecobee app. Maybe someone with an ecobee who uses that feature can say? You can still control the setpoint and mode and stuff above. You can adjust it in the ecobee app, smartthings, or sharptools and it updates everywhere.

In the various comfort settings (day, night, away, etc) you can set which sensors are active, so you should be able to set a time of day you want only a remote sensor active and not the thermostat sensor for as many durations as you want.

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I also use the Ecobee. What is nice is that I can set up the remote occupancy sensors to display temp and humidity plus motion.

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Can you set that in sharptools or just the native app? My google thermostat already can do thay in nest, but not google home or smartthings. Smartthings only lets me set the temp

Can you control what sensors it uses from smartthings? What about show it on sharptools?

You can set what sensor is used in the Ecobee app. I have no idea about the Sharptools integration from SmartThings as I don’t use it on my dashboard. The only automation I use is have Alexa set Ecobee to away/resume on presence based on SmartThings virtual switch status.

I can use the sensors in Hubitat. But not for the actual thermostat control. I can use the occupancy sensors as motion sensors and temperature sensors in the rooms and in theory you could create rules that would turn on fans or notifications or other things like lighting.