Weird One - but I'll ask


so probably not one for this forum but though I’d ask anyway, so bare with me…

So, we have just got a family kitten.

We are at the stage now of letting it out the house.

Our original plan was to let him out through bi-fold doors in what was a sitting area at the back of the house so we could see him sat at the door.

However we have recently moved the rooms around switching the dining room and sitting room over. So now infront of the bi-fold doors is the dining room table, blocking the clear line of sight to the window - hence its not as easy to see the kitten sat outside.

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas if there was anything I could do to alert us when he’s sat there waiting to come in…

first thought was a smartthings motion sensor which could flash a light or announce a message on alexa etc.

not to sure how sensitive this would be? could it be put outside on the wall pointing down at the floor? or inside the window pointing out etc? Like I said not sure how this would work? would the wind blowing the plants / grass etc give false activations?

Other thought would be (and I have no knowledge of this so might be rubbish) maybe and NFC tag sort of thing stuck on his name tag on collar, not sure how that would work etc…

anyone any thoughts?

@Tom_Smith, it may depends on if there are a lot going on in the outdoor area that can can trigger the false motion. Mounting outside but pointing down might work, but you will just have to try it though. The NFC tag usually has to be fairly close to be detected, so I probably won’t recommend it but hope someone else with the similar experience can comment on it.

Cats are smart, I’ve read of people training them to press a button to get a desired result. You could try to train it to press a button when it wants to come in. The button could trigger a bell sound inside, or send a push notification to your phone.

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