Weird calendar entry

As I was building out my Main dashboard, I noticed in the calendar panel that Wednesday is displayed as “Your”. Is this a bug? All I did was add my outlook calendar to the dashboard.

Can you share a screenshot? I’m not seeing the same thing:


Well, that is even more weird. The Wednesday entry is gone. Must be losing my mind. I am going to play with it to see if it happens again. Thx.

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Ok, here goes. In SharpTools, the calendar is showing this →

In my actual calendar, there is an entry.

Is there anything different about that particular calendar entry? Does it come from a different calendar like a group or shared calendar?

I noticed the colors on your various source entries are different, but it’s not clear to me what those differences are.

Only one calendar. The different colors are just categories.

Can you double check the details of that calendar entry? I suspect there’s something different about that calendar entry from the rest.

Feel free to send some screenshots of the details that entry and other ‘good’ entries to support and we would be happy to take a closer look with you and see what’s different about it from the rest.

Is that emoji/symbol on the Wed event possibly causing an issue somewhere?