Weekday Rule Firing on Weekend

I have two rules set up to control our bedroom thermostat. One controls it on the weekend and the other during the week. However, they are both triggering today, which is Saturday. I have set forth the rule below. I also set forth the log, which shows the weekday one triggered. Is there something wrong with the logic? I think it’s been working fine until recently. I have switched over from the legacy connection to the new SmartThings connection as well. Thanks.

P.S. As I’m looking over the above, I’m wondering if the trigger for my wife’s presence is making it fire even though it’s not a weekday? Maybe I need more limitations in the IF statements (i.e., limit them to weekdays)? If that’s the case, this has been incorrect for months and I never noticed it until now. :wink:

Unless I’m totally missing something, I don’t see anything which limits execution to weekdays.

The very first trigger contains four triggers during the week, but it also contains an http trigger, as well as the Becky presence triggers. Because that is an “any”, the http and/or the Becky presences will trigger that on any day.

I think you will need to add a condition in the flow section that sets the days of the week you want the rule to run.


That’s what I thought. I’ve added Days in the Flow If statements. Thanks.


I also think I can make this all one rule by adding the weekend triggers to the one rule and then add’l IFs but it’ll probably too long / wieldy.