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Hi Josh, great that its now possible to add different layouts. Thank you for that.

I use Today (Mini), that looks good on my google nest hub. I would like to use Today (Wide). The problem is the additional informations looks small on my nest hub with Height 1x and Width 2x. Is there a way to make the writing bigger?

Or for the Today (Mini) tile, would it be possible to add also the condition name like „light rain“?


Can you share a photo of what you’re seeing? The 1x2 Today (Wide) font sizes look reasonable on the various devices I’ve used.

Have you considered using a larger tile? eg. 2x4 or 2x3 or whatever ends up looking good on that device?

Hello, I’m new around here and have been experimenting with this tile.

Can someone point me in the right direction with how to change the layout?

I running V 2023-09-23

Sorry, just found it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Any option to change the time settings to 24hr instead of 12hr?

Also, is it possible to enable a transparent option for this tile?

Hi Josh

I sent you the picture with a direct message. I only want to use one or 2 tiles for the weather dashboard. On the dashboard (second tile) you can see, the writing is really small for the condition, sunrise etc.? That would be great a little bigger for the nest hub device.

And another question about the Today (Mini) tile, would it be possible to add also the condition name like „light rain“? That would be great, so I have all my important informations on 1 tile.

And another question, would it be possible to add the decimals like 11,7° (not only 11°)?


I’m heads down with some pretty major platform updates at the moment, so I don’t have the spare time at the moment to accommodate one-off requests. (There’s been many late nights up until 2-3 on the morning working on platform updates!)

That being said, the tile is open source so anyone with the requisite skills it welcome to make whatever adjustments they’d like.

Alternatively, there’s a thread of people who have been querying the Open Weather APIs directly so they can store the information in variables and build Super Tiles as they see fit that you might be interested in:

:link: Rules and Expressions with Open Weather API

Yes, this seems more like a bug that should get fixed.

I’ve noted the feedback. From a brief look, it seems like I wrote the logic to use the ‘locale’ reported by your browser, but it wasn’t implemented for some reason. I can’t recall off the top of my head if it was pulled out because there was a bug or why it isn’t used.

Did you uncheck the ‘Use Included Background’ option on the tile… that way it will use whatever background color you set in your Dashboard Theme or on the tile itself.

A couple of things. The correct latitude and longitude is set, but it says I’m in “Hunt County” but I’m in Collin County.

Next, I want to be able to set my own color for the tile. I see I can edit the code, but why is that necessary? Thanks.

The reverse geolocation is all being done by Open Weather. I would need more details to help.

:ring_buoy: Effective Ways to Seek Help and Troubleshoot

It’s not. The 2023-09-15 update made it so you could toggle the default background gradient in the settings and let the tile style show through.

I had missed the ‘use included background’ and tile now looks good, thanks.

As for the location stuff, my latitude and longitude is 33,-96. That is correct. I just woke up, will have to read your suggestions on how to give better details but not sure what more I can tell you.

That’s the default latitude and longitude that’s used if you do not configure the tile instance.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve edited the default latitude and longitude to your desired location.

I happen to live in the DFW area as well and I just used the closest rounded latitude and longitude as the defaults so I could quickly sanity check the values while I was developing so I didn’t have to keep entering the precise decimal precision of my location (I happen to be in Frisco, TX).

The geopoint of 33,-96 is within Hunt County.

When using the latitude, longitude finder here: using Wylie, Texas gave me 33, -96 but I needed to add the numbers after the decimal and it worked. Thought I could round it off but failed hard. Thanks.

What would I need to do to add an option to launch a dashboard from this tile. I use it in a small tile and would like to launch to another dashboard with more weather information. Thanks.

My weather tile suddenly went blank a few days ago and has continued to stay that way. I confirmed that my API key is active, tried updating the custom code, etc., but all I get is a blue square. I must be missing something … but right now my mind is blank, too. :wink:


Is it only happening on a particular device type?

For example, if it’s happening on your phone or tablet, are you able to reproduce the same issue on a laptop or desktop?

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Right after I posted, I thought to try it from another computer, and it’s working … so it’s definitely something on my end.

Should have thought to do that first, as I was already certain the problem had to be me since I was the only one complaining!

Is it only a single device or device type that’s impacted?

If it’s on a computer, you might be able to open your browser’s developer tools and watch the console logs when you try to load the custom tile to see if any error messages are reported.

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My weather tiles are not displaying today. I thought it might be related to the shutdown of their 2.5 API as I have been using that. But when I switched to the 3.0 option I still get nothing.

I never used the 3.0 option so not sure if this was ever working for me.

My hubitat connection appears to be ok. Is this just me? Thanks.

Ok, I think it is related to Adguard Home. I run all of my network through this and a recent update seems to have caused issues. I see a post on the home assistant GitHub about others having issues. Turning off Adguard did allow the page to load but then it seems to load fine from now on regardless of whether Adguard is running. So I can’t definitively point to this as the issue.

But while playing with this I noticed the API keys I have don’t support 3.0. And according to emails that OpenWeather is sending out the 2.5 API is being shut down in June and you need to provide a credit card for 3.0 API access with 1000 free hits a day. This may have been discussed elsewhere but I couldn’t find anything on this. I am going to register but curious how many hits this tile is making to the API per day?

Thanks for sharing the update!

I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the heads up.

Open Weather requires having a card on file for the 3.0 OneCall API, but you can set a limit on the number of API calls. Many community members are setting their limit to the 1000 free calls per day.

Reading through this link about the OneCall 2.5 → 3.0 transition I found on their site, it sounds like this only impacts the OneCall 2.5 API. It doesn’t seem like it will impact the “2.5 Multi” option in the Custom Tile but that approach has some limitations.

It’s been a while since I looked at this, so I did a quick search of this thread (and then double checked the code) and the default is a 3 hour refresh interval.

More details in this reply: