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Hi Group,

I am working on a few dashboards connected to Hubitat. Looking for a simple way to add weather tile to my dashboard, saw a few posts on how to do this, a little dated and overly complicated as it requires a link to an image, and then try to get it to update. Does anyone have a simpler approach? much appreciated!


Have you created a Virtual Device using the built-in Open Weather Map driver?

From the Hubitat Admin UI > Devices:

  1. Tap the + Add Device at the top
    (or +Add Virtual Device on older versions)
  2. Tap the </> Virtual button in the Add device screen
  3. In the Type field, search for OpenWeatherMap and select it under the System category
  4. Provide a Device Name and tap the Save Device button

Open the OpenWeatherMap website, tap Sign-in, then Create an Account. Once you’ve created an account, you can generate a new API Key from the API Keys tab.

:stop_sign: Note that it will take 1 hour after registering an Open Weather Map account and creating the API Key for the key to become active.

After waiting 1 hour for the key to become active, open your newly created OpenWeatherMap device and paste the API Key into the relevant field, configure your location, and press Save Preferences. Upon saving, the device should grab the latest weather information and the current states should get populated.

You can then authorize that weather device from your User Page and add it to your dashboard.

Thank you, Josh. That worked.

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Hi Josh, do you know if it is possible to open a local app on a tablet within Sharptools dashboard? I have a whole of house audio control system that uses Niles Auriel app, that is locally installed.



@Paul_Starkey, see the article for how to open an app via Hyperlink tile in the dashboard.

And see this post for how to find the app’s intent url in Fully Kiosk Browser to open the Niles Auriel app if you are using Android/Fire tablet and Fully Kiosk Browser.

Thank you for this, I will try and make a tile later today. Cheers.


On open Weather, they have some great widgets. Is there a way of incorporating these into a dashboard?

Cheers, and thank you for the help,


Which widgets?

You might also be interested in the Open Weather custom tile:

:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Weather Tile - Open Weather - Current and Forecast