Weather Station Integration

I am very new to this and looking to this as being a possible replacement to webcore in smartthings. I am curious if I can tie in a personal weather station and specifically get wind speeds or even see if wind speed in my area will be over X mph for the day.

I am looking at incorporating this to turn on or off my smart outlets.

Hi @Andrew_Chapman - welcome to the community?

Do you already have your PWS connected to SmartThings? If it has the wind speed or forecasted wind speed exposed as an attribute, then you should be able to use it in a rule. One of the challenges we’ve seen with some weather integrations is they sometimes expose the weather as a string instead of a number. :frowning:


  • windSpeed: '10mph NW'


  • windSpeed: 10
    (units: mph)
  • windDirection: 'NW'

I don’t currently have a PWS. I have never seen one in the USA that will connect to smartthings. I wasn’t sure if any of these PWS can connect to sharptools or any recommendations for ones that connect to smartthings.

Not sure if its still the case but you used to be able to buy any PWS that was compatible with Weather Underground and connect it to them. Then you use the PWS ID from Weather Underground as the zip code in the SmartThings SmartWeather Station Tile in the format PWS:YOUR-PWS-ID

Or if you don’t need hyper local weather from a PWS you could just enter a zip code and get the weather for your area.

@Andrew_Chapman, You could install and use this device handler (click here for more info) - There’s a wind attribute which could then be used in a rule.