Weather Rule does not trigger

I want to write a value from SmartWeather Station into a variable to use it for variable Icons.
But i can only trigger if the value for weatherIcon matches some value. In my case i want it to trigger on every change. So i tried to work around it by using “changes and is not” with a dummy value which is never matched:

then i am setting the variable to the value from the weatherIcon:
Set variable $weatherIconCode value using Wetter - weatherIcon value

But the Rule is not triggering. But imho it should trigger. what am i doing wrong here?
Here are the Log Details:

Resource Type
Resource Subtype
Insert Id
19.8.2022, 16:41:16 GMT+2
Execution Id
Step Id
Rule was not triggered by the device event. No trigger condition was matched.

Runtime Data
“type”: “event”,
“subtype”: “device”,
“data”: {
“platform”: “samsung-smartthings”,
“locationId”: “5206b6e1-e889-4273-a3ea-9526ccb80422”,
“objectId”: “69ba226e-3798-4398-be87-0fc1cb67831d”,
“source”: “DEVICE”,
“description”: “weatherIcon was 26”,
“descriptionText”: “weatherIcon was 26”,
“eventID”: “fb07b8c7-1fcc-11ed-b603-13b5b547cfc9”,
“value”: “26”,
“isPhysical”: false,
“isDigital”: false,
“isStateChange”: true,
“datetime”: “2022-08-19T14:41:16.000Z”,
“attribute”: “weatherIcon”

Try using a numeric value as your dummy value (eg. -1). It’s probably parsing the event value as 26 and realizing it’s not a valid comparison to 'foobar', so it’s failing the condition check.

That worked. Thanks for the fast help =)