Weather Devices/Tiles Disappeared

So I went to show my wife the dashboard I had created and mounted in the kitchen (via Fire tablet), and the weather tile I had front and center was missing, replaced by a “placeholder” tile. I checked my hub (hubitat) and the weather device is still available and showing current data. I also updated the SharpTools app, which has the device listed under Temperature Sensors. Still not available as a “Thing”.

So I created a new device in hubitat, selected it in the SharpTools HE app, and the new device won’t appear.

Was a change made on the SharpTools side that affected my devices/tiles?

Hi @Pierce - thanks for posting and sorry to hear that your weather device isn’t showing up.

Which weather driver are you using on Hubitat? Some weather drivers are known to cause issues with Hubitat’s Cloud Relay.

More details are available in the following thread:


Thanks for the quick reply, Josh. It actually appears to be a more widespread problem. I was sitting here with the “Things” list in SharpTools open and working on another screen, and suddenly a number of devices disappeared from the list.

I read another post about the hub being bogged down, so I rebooted it and after a few minutes it appears the devices/tiles are back. And thankfully too, because I have quite a few dashboards that would have taken some time to rebuild.

So… False alarm. But awesome quick replies and thanks for the immediate insight!