Weather data getting stale

The weather data in my dashboard is getting stale - it seems like the latest update is 2 hours ago. Tonight I looked at the dashboard and saw this:
Weather Problem2

And though it is hot as hell in TX right now (and was certainly this temperature earlier in the day), I didn’t think it could be correct at 10 PM. According to other sources (my phone), it’s more like 98 degrees now. Steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. I refreshed the dashboard to see if it’s a Fully auto-refresh issue: Still same incorrect temp after refreshing.

  2. I use SmartThings so I checked my Weather virtual device. It shows 98 degrees, and that it updated about 40 minutes ago:

    I also noticed that the “Feels like” temp of 100 degrees is correct. The humidity and wind speed is also precisely correct. I doubt it felt like 100 when it was 104 earlier today, so it seems like it’s the temperature specifically that’s not updating.

  3. I tested on another device just in case there was some caching problem, but it affects all devices using SharpTools (including my Windows dashboard).

Do you guys have any ideas what else could be the problem? I’ve noticed this happening pretty regularly over the last month or two, so it’s not a one-time issue. But sometimes it is correct (approximately matches my phone).


Related to this, I’ve discovered that the SmartThings weather device is set to refresh every 3 hours, so even if SharpTools is showing exactly what SmartThings shows, it’s still a pretty low frequency. I’m trying to figure out how to increase the frequency it updates but not finding it so far. I know it’s a SmartThings question but does anyone know how to change the refresh rate?

I don’t think you can manually change the refresh rate but I set up a virtual device and 2 automations to refresh data every 15 mins.

This one refreshes the data

This one resets the virtual switch in case it gets stuck

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That’s interesting that only the temperature value wasn’t updated. I don’t have an answer on that, but if it’s started happening more regularly, you could try watching the SmartThings IDE Live Logs when it occurs to see if there are any error messages logged.

Alternatively, if it’s just this device that’s having issues, you could also try the Open Weather Custom Tile:

Weather Tile - Open Weather - Current and Forecast

Thanks a lot @Terri ! I didn’t realize I could use a SharpTools rule to trigger the refresh. That solved the major issue which was just SmartThings only refreshing every 3 hours - now I’ve got it set to 15 minutes.
@josh I’ll keep an eye on that issue, thanks.