Weather based wallpaper

Hi all, thinking of integrating weather condition to trigger different wallpapers. Is it possible ?

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I’ve done this with my Hubitat hub using the Dynamic Image Switcher app. Not sure how else to do it if you don’t have Hubitat though.

I have Hubitat, how to reflect it in sharptools ?

The Hubitat app changes what image is served at a specific cloud endpoint (URL) of the hub. So you just add a media item in Sharptools with that URL and it changes with the weather. If you install the app in Hubitat I think you’ll see. You specify what images you want for what conditions and the app serves whichever image applies at a certain time.

I was looking for the same. The ideal solution would be if there was any weather service out there that would provide such an image under a static URL based on your zip code. I have not found one though. Any chance that exists?