Weather App variable not showing up

I have a weather app setup in ST and can view all the info fine from Smart Things. I have it authorized in Sharptools and want to pull the info into variables so it can be spoke from Google speaker. The only 2 options are humidity and temp that appear as a option though. I have it linked in Home Assistant as well and all the fields appear there also just not in Sharp Tools.

Can you clarify where you are looking for the attributes in SharpTools?

Do you see the attributes in the device details screen in SharpTools?

  1. Open your SharpTools User Page
  2. Tap the … next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on the device(s) in question

Yes i can see several pages of data on the app being reported on that device from the page you mentioned.

I am trying to create a rule that runs at a specified time to speak some of the variables from that weather app. Humidity and Temp show up but thats it and those work fine to speak to the google speaker. But not sure why the other options from the device dont appear.

So are you seeing the attributes you are looking for on that device details page? And do they show values in the Attribute Values section?

If so, where are you not seeing the expected attributes?

I am going to set variable, device attrib, weather app, select attrib

Not sure if you saw this question…

Yep they show up here.

Thanks for the screenshots.

The data type of the source attribute would need to match the destination Variable type.

If you’re using a numeric variable type, then the source attribute’s data type needs to be numeric as well. Even if they have what appears to be numeric data in them, if they are defined as strings/text then they won’t show up when you try to put them into a numeric variable.

You could use a Text variable and store whatever data you want in there though.

DOH! i assumed it would be a numerical so i never tried changing to text. Changed the variable over to text and now its showing all of them available. You rock! Thanks!

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