Waze maps - traffic

I know that you suggest using the Bing map, but I must admit that due to its parameters, i.e. I can only point to a point on the map and the zoom option does not work, I cannot scale it to see the traffic volume on the road I am interested in. Have you perhaps looked at waze maps which present information in a very clear way and are accurate? There are several links provided on the waze map page to post on their map sharing pages, but none of them work in sharptools → media…

If they support being embedded in another page, you can use the Custom Tile feature of SharpTools dashboards.

It looks like you can’t just copy/paste the Waze Live Map, but while you’re on the Waze Live map in your browser you can tap the and select <> Share and Embed and then copy the URL from the Embed a Map tab and use it in a Custom Tile.


Note that after you’ve given your Custom Tile a name and saved it, you can then add it to your dashboard from the Other → Custom Tile section of the Add Item screen.