Warning Triangle in tile?

Does anyone know what this Warning Triangle in the tile means? The device is type “SmartAlert Siren”. I can activate it: STROBE / SIREN / BOTH / NONE in the ST app, but not via the tile.

It means the device didn’t report the expected state within a few seconds.

So if you switch the device on, it shows the on state quickly, but if the device doesn’t report back an ‘on’ status, then it shows the warning triangle to indicate the potential mismatch in states.

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ok… thanks. So I’m not sure how to fix or troubleshoot this, since the device is working (and reporting) correctly in the ST app…

Any ideas?

What make/model device is it? And which device handler or driver is it using? You mentioned ‘SmartAlert Siren’ but I wasn’t sure if that was the device model or what…

It’s possible that the device is reporting that it’s a ‘switch’ but doesn’t actually fully implement that functionality. Usually alarm type devices use a different capability that there’s not a direct tile for in SharpTools… In that case, you could use a rule (or Super Tile + Rule) to send your desired alarm commands to your device.

Here’s the physical device:

Here’s the definition in IDE:

I don’t see “SmartAlert Siren” in my IDE/Device Handlers, so I’m guessing it’s not a custom DH, but a standard one? (I don’t recall for certain; this was installed years ago…)

So wanted to circle back on this…

I’m a little confused bc the device works correctly in the ST app. Status shows up correctly, and it can be controlled correctly (SIREN/STROBE/BOTH/NONE).

That’s where my confusion is: if it works correctly in ST app, what is causing the issue in SharpTools?

Am I understanding correctly that when you tap the Switch tile in SharpTools (which sends the on command), that the siren does not change at all?

In the SmartThings mobile app, it sounds like you are using the Alarm capabilities of the device. It looks like this device also exposes Switch capabilities, but may not be reporting the switch state properly. The tile you’re using in SharpTools appears to be a switch tile.

For reference, it appears to be a Groovy DTH based on the screenshots. And from a quick search of the SmartThings GitHub, I suspect it could be this SmartAlert Siren. I don’t see anything in the DTH which stands out to me.

Can you try creating a Super Tile in SharpTools and try the following:

  1. Add a Thing State → alarm to the Super Tile and save it

    We’re doing this to see if the alarm states are reported as expected when controlled from SmartThings

  2. Add the Super Tile to a dashboard for testing and save the dashboard
  3. Control the alarm from the SmartThings mobile app – does the Super Tile on your dashboard update?

Then we can test the control side of things:

  1. Edit the Super Tile you created above
  2. Add a Static Icon of your choice to the Super Tile
  3. Update the action of that icon to call one of the strobe(), siren(), or both() commands from your device

    You can edit an item in a Super Tile item by double tapping it
    (or tap to select it and then tap the :gear: in the toolbar)

  4. Save the Super Tile
  5. Go back to your dashboard with the Super Tile and try tapping on the icon to send the command – does the siren react? Does the tile state update?


I believe that is the case. The SharpTools tile is what it defaults to (switch), and when I do a CHANGE LAYOUT, I only have SWITCH and HERO (which is also a switch, in this case) to choose from. So I don’t how to get the SharpTools Tile to present the Alarm capabilities.

Yes, that’s the DH I see in the IDE.

I’ll try your test suggestions and let you know.

Thanks again for your help!

Sorry, I’ve not yet dabbled in Super Tiles yet. (sounds cool, though!) If I “Add Item”, select “Things” and choose the “Siren Strobe” device, it shows the following. Am I doing what you were asking? Asking bc I don’t see:

Isn’t it the second item in the screenshot?

D’OH, sorry! My bad!

Yep. Sure does: SIREN or STROBE or BOTH or NONE.

Yes. I set it to strobe(), and when I click on the SuperTile it changes to STROBE (both on the SharpTools Tile and in the ST app)

Thanks for the update. Using a Super Tile might be the best way to control that device for now as there’s not a native ‘Alarm’ tile at the moment.

It sounds like the ‘Switch’ capability was meant to be a simplistic way to activate the siren/strobe and turn it back off, but the device doesn’t seem to be processing those commands correctly for whatever reason.

On your Super Tile, you could add an icon for each of the actions you want to take (much like the instructions above), or you could create a SharpTools rule which looks at the state of the alarm attribute and either cycles through your desired states or toggles between them.

Hey - thanks for the help! I have the functionality needed now. Now, I just need to play with the SuperTile editor to figure out how to make it look pretty…

Thanks again!

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Ok, I have a functional Super Tile:

…but instead of having the “alarm state” in the top right, is there a way to make the buttons across the bottom, not only change the state of the alarm, but also highlight or change color or something when their respective state is activated?

…and change the icon here based on the alarm state?

Instead of using a ‘Static Icon’, you can use Icons → Thing Icon.

You can even tap the ‘Change’ link at the top of that last screenshot (the editing window for the static icon), to swap the existing Static Icon out. Once you’ve selected Thing Icon, you’ll need to edit the item where you’ll see a State Mapping option where you previously saw ‘Select Icon’ – using that, you can map in whatever icons you want for each state. Keep in mind the state values are usually all lowercase and likely match the values you’ve otherwise mentioned off, strobe, siren,both.

Once you’ve added a Super Tile to a dashboard, you can edit the instance of the tile on your dashboard to customize the styles, but this will apply to the whole tile.

The Thing Icon as the main icon is probably a good start. Another trick some people have used is to put Thing Icons next to each value and then configure them so they only show when that state is active (eg. a checkmark).

So you would have a Thing Icon with only the value ‘strobe’ mapping to a checkmark icon for the ‘STROBE’ label, and a Thing Icon with only the value ‘both’ mapping to a checkmark for the BOTH label and so-on. The end result being a checkmark showing up next to each label otherwise it defaults to blank / not shown.

I don’t see STATE MAPPING… Am I in the wrong place?

It looks like you selected the Thing directly which is why the second line in your screenshot shows ‘Thing Value’.

You’ll want to expand the Icons section and select Thing Icon from there.

Thanks for the clarification! Got it to work functionally. Once I finish up with a style, it’ll be done. (Tips appreciated :wink: )


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So my Fotrezz SSA1;2 Siren/Strobe is working great!

I found a second one and paired it with my hub, but it is acting differently - even though all the labeling on this new one looks identical to my existing one (pictured above). The new one shows up as Type: placeholder in the IDE:

In the ST app they appear to have different attributes:

is this because the latter is using the new Edge driver? And if so, not much I can do about it?