Wake up tablet with an external motion sensor


I have a tablet that runs Fully Kiosk with Tasker that has my Sharptools dashboard. I don’t want my tablet to have an always on screen. My tablet’s front camera is busted so I cant use the motion detector of fully kiosk, but what I do have is a generic z wave motion sensor which I can run automations on my Smartthings.

I’m looking for some help to see if it’s doable to run a sharptools rule if there’s motion detected in my motion sensor, it will wake up the screen of my tablet. Is this something possible?

I built an Edge Driver for Fully Kiosk browser that you could use to interact with your tablet(s) running Fully Kiosk. You can turn the screen on/off, start and stop the screensaver, and control other features of the tablet. Even though it’s a personal project, I’ve limited access to SharpTools premium users for the time being.

In theory, you could use something like the Web Requestor Driver to make calls directly to the Fully Kiosk REST API if you aren’t a SharpTools premium member with access to the driver.

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Forgive me but what is the Web Requestor driver? Is that in Sharptools, FullyKiosk or Tasker?

It’s an Edge driver, created by Todd Austin, it’s a virtual device to add to your hub: