Wait before rule executes again

In regards to the Green pop up “Executing rule”, Is there a way that this Pop up method can be utilised as a notification to "Wait’ which would controlled from a Rule in Sharptools?
My use case is for selecting LED pool colours which involves a slow process of turning on / off the power to the pool lights in given sequences for each colour which I have all working from HE.
I have setup a Dashboard in Sharptools to select the different Pool LED colours but I need to add a delay into the process of selecting different colours if one has only just been selected and would like a simple pop like the Green Executing Rule to say Wait for a predefined period in the Rule.

The green ‘Executing rule’ indicates that the rule has been enqueued to be executed. It’s just a confirmation of the action similar to other green status ‘toast’ messages.

That being said, you may be able to design your rule so that it only executes when all of your desired requirements are satisfied.

For example, you could set a True/False variable whenever the rule first starts. Then if the rule runs again, you would know that you need to wait (or just abandon that execution attempt).

That being said, if you already have it working in Hubitat, why not take advantage of that existing logic? How is it working there – in a Hubitat Rule Machine rule?

Thanks Josh, that was my plan to prevent the rule being executed before the last command had finished running. The feedback to “Wait” was more for anyone using the Dashboard who is not familiar with the workings of how the pool lights need time to change colours, which became evident when my Daughter and Fiance tried to use it and sending it into mass confusion!

The logic is currently all being done in Webcore running in Hubitat so I will add a Variable to indicate the piston is still running a Colour change and push it back back to Sharptools and use it to prevent a new colour being selected until its completed.