Vote for Feature: Tile Pops Up Multiple Tiles Overlaid on Dashboard

Oops, just suggested basically the same thing without finding this one

Thinking about this some more, implementing this with a dashboard overlay would probably require the ability to turn off the animation on dashboard load. So that the dashboard icons don’t “fly in” from the top left corner, but instead pop up like the icons do for the HSM selector.

@josh Curious: do you have a sense of how hard this would be technically to implement? Is it as simple as styling a modal window’s opacity or background with css, and making the modal window a little bigger? Or is that a gross oversimplification? Just trying to get a sense of how long I should be holding my breath - if it’s easy to implement it would give me hope :slight_smile:

I would want to do it properly and have it rendered within the app rather than as an iframe within a modal.

Bumping the topic probably didn’t hurt though as it looks like this topic has gained a few votes recently. :wink:

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I keep coming up with more and more use cases for this. It also occurs to me that this would probably need to be a premium user feature given your business model of 1 free dashboard for a free account. So it would be another feature to entice users into a premium account. Sounds good, right? :slight_smile:


My latest use case for this feature:

Tapping on one of my kid’s avatars will bring up a set of avatar customization options, for them to quickly customize their avatar for the day. Customization options are awarded or earned, e.g., for good grades. They can earn baseball caps, cool sunglasses, sports jerseys, etc. I think this would be much more convenient than having to load an entire dashboard for a quick avatar adjustment.

As an example with my avatar below, tapping it would allow me to customize my baseball hat (just a prototype - I would need to redo my picture so it looks better)


Continuing the conversation as a shameless bump.

I voted for this one. I am using a number of dashboards that I pop-up in modal windows to handle “quick” changes.

For example:

  • Clicking on the tile displaying the number of people home pops up a window with a tile for each person so you can see who is home.

  • I have a tile with the number of days until christmas - when you click on it you get all of the options for playing Christmas playlists, turning on lights, etc.


Two observations

Opening a dashboard in modal works fine on the PC - but my main dashboards are all running Android and this is a little too slow. Takes up to 10 seconds to load the windows, presumably because it has to authenticate the dashboard, etc. I am running Fully Kiosk on top of Android on Intel NUCs so I am not lacking power.

Second, I would be interested in the blur option, as well as the option to select a new background for the pop-up.

I had originally gone down the route of creating dashboards with a static menu on the side - HVAC, Lights, etc. But I am now designing more without the menu and having all navigation start on the main page and then return to it. Seems to flow much better, especially as no one in my house knows what HVAC means!


I am looking into this post - How To: Fast Switch Between Dashboards with Fully Kiosk Browser

I haven’t figured out everything in the post yet but would this allow me to load “pop-up” screens in Fully Kiosk more quickly? Thanks.

I still like this idea. Instead of having all my wall or desk tablets with the same primary dash options, my design is to have a different starting dash depending on where device is. if I am at a public dash, I don’t need direct access to master bed controls for example. Upstairs has different dash than downstairs. This makes this ‘modal’ option or the ability to group tiles and lock their layout (mini dash w/i a dash like a floorplan where sensors are) useful for my set up of different dashes, vs all dashes having a list of the other dashes to go to.

Nice to know, @simon and @mark_price , that I’m not the only one that’s really, really wanting this feature! SharpTools seems hard at work on improvements lately, with Super Tiles and the Home Assistant connection, so hopefully this will make it to the top of the list soon :slight_smile:


I realized I never really answered this question since we originally went down the path of exposing a dashboard. To keep configuration simpler, one option would be to have a “Pop-Up Tile” resource just like there’s now a “Super Tile” resource. Users would configure each “Pop-Up Tile” resource on an individual basis. Then, when editing a dashboard, you could add a “Pop-Up Container” within which you could then add any “Pop-Up Tile” resources. Configuration of an individual “Pop-Up Tile” resource would then be simple, as it would be similar to editing a tile already. Perhaps you would also be able to add a “Custom Tile” or at least a “Super Tile” into a “Pop-Up Container”. Just some thoughts… if the ultimate functionality is there, I’m wide open on how to do it! :slight_smile:


With the Custom Icons feature request being implemented, that means this feature request could in fact function as a customizable mode selector, where a user can custom define button tiles for whatever modes are on his or her smart home hub and have custom icons that are representative of the modes. So, no more “house” icon for Vacation Mode…instead, Vacation Mode can have a beach icon or whatever.

I really love this request as i have loads of usecases for it. But imho it will cause some conflicts for the programming if you just popup another dashboard in the modal. especially if you want to avoid iframes. So maybe a first shot could be to use the SuperTiles for this. So just one superTile will be shown and in this superTile you are very flexible to setup what you want. But it doesn’t matter how this will be implemented, essential is that it will be implemented =)

Interesting. So you’re saying to pop up a super tile when a base tile is tapped? I guess that would be better than nothing… but not as flexible as popping up a set of tiles that are individually configurable.

As many votes as custom icons and style/state mapping now. That’s gotta be good news for the next round of feature request implementation :wink:


Just wanted to give a sneak preview that progress is being made…

There’s definitely some hurdles we’re working through, but I believe it will be a more robust approach once we get through those. :slight_smile:


Woohoo! That’s awesome!

The Dashboard Overlay feature is now available in beta ! If you’re part of our beta program, you should be able to see the post in the beta category.

Dashboard Overlays

If you’re not part of the beta program, feel free to send a PM to @support with your dashboard overlay use-case and we can get you added to the beta group!


:tada:This feature has been released! :tada:

Please see the following post for more details:

:link: Dashboard Overlays - Feature Announcement

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