Volume Control Tile (Slider or Up/Down Adjustments)

Josh - I made a few minor tweaks:

  • In .wrapper (line 386) changed vw to 95 and vh to 100.

  • Made the same changes in .range-slider (line 412)

  • I’m displaying the value beneath the control, so I commented out the tooltip stuff.

  • I changed the alpha to 0.5 in line 424 to provide more contrast between the upper and lower portions of the slider.

Looks just the way I want now - and I had fun playing with it. I realize I might have to fiddle some with the released version of the code.

Thanks for this really handy control!

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:tada: The Vertical Input Range custom tile is now available in production!

:link: Vertical Range Input - Slider / Dimmer - Custom Tile

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